TPO Roof Retrofit

tpo roofing

We address the problems of aging roofs with a comprehensive TPO Roof System specifically designed for retrofitting metal roofs. Without the cost of replacing or tearing off the existing roof, you can add important insulation, inhibit rusting and reduce expansion/contraction with a roof that can be guaranteed to last up to 20 years.

Add up the advantages for your building, your business and your tenants with an insulated TPO roofing system:

  • Protect the people, materials and equipment inside
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Realize potential money savings on heating and cooling bills
  • Reduce interior condensation
  • Establish a more comfortable interior environment
  • Minimize rain and hail noise
  • UL┬«-rated system available
  • Protect yourself with guarantees that are available for both materials and workmanship
  • Enjoy renewed peace of mind

The TPO Roofing Retrofit Process

TPO roofing systems can generally be applied directly over an existing metal roof. It begins with scored or beveled flute-fill insulation designed to fit the valleys of the existing metal roof. This can provide additional R-value to the building as well as support for the layer of insulation above.

Next, cover board or insulation board is mechanically attached. This insulation helps maintain a more consistent building temperature and can reduce expansion and contraction of the metal roof. Roof boarding is a lightweight cover board that can help reduce labour costs.

Finally, the TPO roofing membrane is attached over the insulation or cover board. The TPO roofing provides a watertight barrier with strength, puncture resistance and UV protection. TPO may be heat welded, for seams that are even stronger than the membrane itself. The end result is a tough, durable system with exceptional performance and value.

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