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Warning Signs your TPO Roof Is Failing

1)TPO will only wear out in certain areas. Look at every angle. Is there a specific area that is showing signs of losing the functionality? If this is true, you need to think about replacing the roof.

2)The edges of the membrane. You will find this mostly in the older roofs. The newer roofs try to prevent this as much as possible. How do you know if you have an older TPO roof. Look at the edges. If the edges are falling out and becoming frail, this is a pretty good indication that something is wrong.

3) The seams are another good indication. Seams don’t generally separate, as they do in other brands. With a TPO roof, the seams are fused together tightly. If you see the seams falling apart, this is a red flag. It’s also a sign that you need to repair/replace right away.

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