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Proper installation is crucial for a TPO Roofing System’s longevity and durability. Poor workmanship can lead to major problems as severe as roof failures years down the line. Hot-air welding of the seams is where most significant mistakes are being made by contractors.

The following is a guide to ensure a fully functional TPO roofing system.

  1. Test welds should be done at least twice daily — at the start of the day and after lunch. Also, it is really important to do test welds whenever the machine is restarted. This is a necessary step that can prevent excessive heat during welding. Excessive heat has been identified as a major problem that needs to be safeguarded against because it can consume polymer stabilizers that will lead to the membrane’s deterioration. Excess heat can result from the air temperature being too high as well as the welder speed being too low. Ideal welding temperature should be the lowest temperature that provides good seams at production speeds.
  2. For proper installation, there should be no welder drag. A contractor needs to align the inside edge of the nozzle with the edge of the roller. If this is not done correctly, improper alignment of the hot-air nozzle can create gouges in the membrane outside of the seam.
  3. It is important to be careful when probing seams, because incorrect probing or lack of care can also lead to problems down the line. When probing, it is best to use a blunt probe. Probes tend to sharpen with use and as a result must be occasionally dulled.
  4. To avoid future problems, it is also critical not to crease the membrane when it is folded during installation. Folding over the membrane can result in a hard crease and surface cracking. To avoid this, it is best to fold back the membrane for applying adhesives or fasteners. However, it is important not to place any weight on the fold to hold it in place.
  • Economical at a reasonable cost
  • Latest technologies enable all colours of TPO roofing membranes to be UV resistant
  • TPO resists mold growth, dirt accumulation, tears impact and punctures.
  • Ease of installation translates into direct savings in installation costs
  • Energy Efficient – keeps the interior thermally comfortable on hot summer days while reducing your air conditioning costs.
  • Young roofing technology means questionable longevity
  • Noted to have an issue of accelerated weathering when subjected to high thermal or solar loading

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