PVC Roof Replacement

Single-ply PVC roofing membranes are longer-lasting, better-performing alternatives to traditional flat or low sloped built up roofs (BUR) made from tar, asphalt, and roofing felt. They are known as one of the best single ply roofing materials due to its low-maintenance durability and long-term value. Below you’ll find more information about PVC roofs, including how much they cost to install.

Waterproof: The chemical composition of PVC makes it impervious to water. When individual panels are installed, they arere heat welded to form a permanently bonded seam that is meant to withstand pooling water and leaks.

Long-Lasting: Compared to built-up tar and gravel roofing systems and other types of single ply roof materials, which usually have to be replaced after ten or fifteen years, PVC is expected to last twenty to thirty years with little or no maintenance.

Tough: There is pretty much no type of abuse that a PVC roofing system cannot handle. It resists impacts, punctures, winds, precipitation, and fire, provides an excellent barrier against chemicals and other harmful substances, and can offer up to 80% solar reflectivity.

Low Life-cycle Cost: While the initial cost of installing a PVC roof may be more than another type of flat roof, PVC roofing membrane is one of the least costly in the long run. This is because over its service life, it continually helps to reduce annual cooling costs.

Options: Many property owners choose PVC roofs due to its reflective properties, but PVC roofing is additionally available in black, tan, grey, cream, and other colours. It can even be manufactured in a pattern that resembles gravel or shingles from afar. You can also choose a PVC roof in a number of different thicknesses, providing you with more protection if you need it.

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