PVC Roof Repair


With proper maintenance and quality repairs, a PVC roof can exceed its life expectancy. It is a durable roofing material but as with anything or anyone, time can make it wither. PVC roofing system can develop leaks from exposed seams or debris could puncture the membrane. Something as simple as the type of equipment used when installing rooftop equipment could damage the membrane so professional PVC roof maintenance is crucial.

Before proceeding with repairs, ensure your finances are being spent wisely. Ask for a flat roof inspection that includes am infrared leak investigation. This is also known as thermal imaging and will allow us to locate the exact areas of your roof that are compromised. There should be no guessing when repairing your roof.

PVC does have a tendency to form blisters. During a repair those would be removed and the spots sealed. Any damaged seams are repaired with a very strong polyester fiber reinforced polyurethane material. This reinforcing is also applied to flashing and around any roof penetrations, such as stacks or HVAC. If the fasteners are raised, they are re-installed and then reinforced.

As long as your roof is still at a stage to be repaired rather than replaced there is a very significant difference in the cost between extending the life of a roof and having it replaced.

Call us to discuss your flat roofing needs and if a PVC Roofing System is right for you.

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