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Homeowners are encouraged to consider the cooling properties of roofing materials when installing a new roof. 

Traditional residential roofing materials heat up considerably in the sun. Hot temperatures can shorten the life of the roof itself, as well as raise temperatures in the house. Cool roofs are an effective way of reducing these problems while generating a number of benefits for homeowners and communities.

    • Reduce wear and tear on HVAC systems, and peak energy demand
    • Less prone to thermal degradation, therefore lasting several years longer than traditional built-up roofs.
    • Less prone to leaks, as they have fewer seams.
    • Offer increased comfort, even in buildings that lack air conditioning.
    • Create cool neighbourhoods, they reduce the “urban heat island” effect that causes high temperatures in heavily populated areas.
    • Help reduce pollution, since heat is a precursor to smog.
    • Reduce waste, because longer-lasting roofs stay on houses and out of landfills.

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