Flat Roof Leak Detection

Flat roof inspections using infrared cameras allow us to eliminate false or misleading assumptions, such as incorrectly attributing leaks to the flat roofing system when the water is actually entering the building through the exterior walls. If the source of moisture is identified incorrectly, the flat roof may be repaired and serviced pointlessly several times in an attempt to find the location of the leak. In the case where the flat roof is the cause of the leak, we are able to locate the exact areas of the flat roof that are in need of repairs.

With the ability to accurately detect, repair and prevent all of your flat roofing moisture problems, we will take care of your leaking flat roof.

  • We can correctly identify your commercial or industrial flat roofs problem areas before they become larger.
  • Our roof thermal scan services provide you with precise accuracy and supporting visual documentation ideal for maintenance reports.
  • The equipment that is used – Thermographic Infrared Technology – is lightweight and easily movable and non-destructive.
  • If you have had a commercial re-roof or flat roof repairs done and would like to check the quality of work, we can provide this service.
  • We believe in maintaining competitive pricing for high quality services and we are willing to consult with you to fit your individual needs and budget.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on your next cool roofing project.

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