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We are a specialty TPO and PVC flat roofing contractor. Our team boasts more than 50 years of combined experience servicing commercial, industrial, institutional and residential roofs across the Greater Toronto Area. Along with high-quality workmanship and fair prices, we have the knowledge and capacity to install or repair any size and type of roof. All of our projects come with up to 20 year Leak-Free Warranty. When you choose, you receive:

Lifetime Service. Always have a knowledgeable TPO or PVC roofing contractor available to you.

Quality & Excellence. Our crews work hard to deliver the best cool roofing systems available in the Greater Toronto Area.

Greater Peace of Mind. Complimentary peace of mind for all new cool roofing systems.

Immediate & Long-Term Cool Roofing Benefits

An average 20 year service life of a typical cool roofing system on a commercial, industrial or institutional building can result in thousands of dollars in energy savings and a positive effect on the environment. With energy costs continuing to rise, it is more important than ever to select a flat roofing system that can reduce energy consumption and improve a building’s efficiency in any climate.

White roofing systems have been shown to significantly lower energy costs, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve overall human health and comfort. These effects are most evident for commercial and industrial building owners, as cool roofing helps reduce energy usage during peak demand periods.

Key Benefits

  • White roofs reduce building heat-gain
  • Enhance the life expectancy of both the roof membrane and the building’s cooling equipment.
  • Improve thermal efficiency of the roof insulation; this is because as temperature increases, the thermal conductivity of the roof’s insulation also increases.
  • Reduce the demand for electric power by as much as 10 percent on hot days.
  • Reduce resulting air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provide energy savings, even in northern climates on sunny (not necessarily “hot”) days.

If you are looking for professional cool roofing services, contact us today.


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